Share the Experience: Expo 2013

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Division. Greed. Alienation. Apathy.
Ready for a change? Come and see how ordinary people are changing their world for the better based on values that everyone can share.
Engagement. Caring. Generosity. Unity. Be part of it.

A multidisciplinary conference, unique forum and invaluable laboratory for learning how the art of positive change can be applied in settings such as schools, neighborhoods, private businesses and professional practices.

LEARN how people all over North America are renewing their workplaces, neighborhoods, professional environments and faith communities.
SHARE your own experiences of renewal through participation in workshops, presentations, poster sessions and art exhibits.
NETWORK with people in your field of interest – whether you are involved in the field or simply trying to make sense of it.
LAUNCH an on-going forum, project or initiative in your area of interest.
RECOMMEND positive changes grounded in shared experiences.
BUILD the event as a dynamic experience of collaboration among people in a variety of fields.
START now! Send us your questions, hopes, challenges, stories and suggestions as we build Expo 2013!