The theme of Expo 2013 Conference (“Building a Renewed Humanity”) represents a practical challenge relevant in every context, from large corporations trying to improve business ethics to small towns trying to build a sense of community: how do we create positive change in the quest for the common good in an increasingly complex society?

Positive change often starts with just one person, but it doesn’t get far unless the call to action is shared by others. No matter the size of the group affected, powerful and permanent change depends on the depth of their shared commitment to common goals. Agreeing on such goals and getting this kind of commitment seems increasingly difficult today.

One approach is to identify and implement a few common calls to action, such as the ‘Golden Rule,’ (do to others what you would have them do to you) based on individual dignity and mutual respect. The resulting initiatives respond to the deepest needs of each situation and build a sense of renewed humanity for all involved.

The Focolare Movement has applied this approach throughout the US and Canada for more than 50 years. Experience shows that by putting into practice ‘the Golden Rule’ and a few similar calls to action, people of different occupations, industries, political persuasions, cultures and religions have cooperated to achieve positive change in the quest for the common good.

Expo 2013 offers a two-fold approach to exploring these calls to action. First, participants will see examples of positive change initiatives in several fields of interest. Second, participants will divide into breakout sessions to explore more examples in depth in their own field of interest. Examples will show that genuine change begins with one person willing to commit to this creed of respect for others, despite the sacrifices it always requires.

These breakout sessions will not focus on technical knowledge, but rather on ways to make the existing knowledge and skills of groups more effective in achieving useful change in each area of interest, each community, each occupation, each industry, each organization. To find out which interest area is right for you, explore them by clicking on the links to right. Then, please join us in the effort of Expo 2013: building a renewed humanity!